Frequently asked questions

Q Can I site my rifle at your club?

A No. We are a SHOTGUN ONLY trapshooting club.

Q Do I need a PAL (possession and acquisition license) to trapshoot?

A No. A PAL is not required to be able to shoot at our club. We do have qualified individuals available at all times. If a friend has a PAL they may come along with you.

Q Do I need to bring my own shotgun?

A No. We do have several shotguns available for rental at the club for use only while here.

Q Can I bring my own shotgun shells?

A Yes. You can bring your own, as long as they are trap load. We also have them available for purchase in our Pro Shop.

Q Is it required that I bring my own protective gear?

A No. It is not required to bring safety glasses and ear plugs as we do have them available for use.

Q Is the Edmonton Gun Club open year round?

A No. We are not open year round. We are a completely outdoor trapshooting club. We are typically open April to November depending temperatures.

Q Do you have food and beverages?

A Yes. We do have pop, water, chocolate bars and chips for purchase. When we host trapshooting events, we will have various lunch items available.

Q Can I bring my son or daughter out to the club?

A Yes. Children are welcome under parent supervision.

Q Can my son or daughter trapshoot?

A Yes. We welcome children to learn trapshooting. We have a wonderful Junior Trapshooting program that offers instruction and gun safety. To learn more, click here.
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