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You agree that all activity on the Edmonton Gun Club grounds is at YOUR risk, including potential exposure to communicable pathogens such as Covid-19, acknowledging that live ammunition is fired as part of the club’s activities and you agree to assume full responsibility in the event of an accident, loss or injury. Youths or minors under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign this waiver on their behalf. Individuals will not be allowed onto the range until this waiver is completely and properly executed, and filed with the club secretary. If you have any questions about our safety rules, please contact us.

EDMONTON GUN CLUB member sign on, rules & guidelines

Welcome to the Edmonton Gun Club. The EGC was originally founded in 1908, and is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors that are dedicated to sustaining an inclusive, friendly, safe and enduring trap shooting facility. The EGC was born from and remains associated to the Amateur Trapshooting Association “ATA” (“”), as the governing body for American Style Trapshooting. The EGC adopts by reference its Rulebook, Policies, and Guidelines, as amended. Collectively these rules, policies, and guidelines govern all matters associated with trap shooting at the club. When ATA rules, policies, and guidelines conflict with EGC safety rules, EGC safety rules take priority.

All Shooters & their guests are required to observe and follow all range safety rules herein, including the Federal Firearms Act or any other posted directives at or around the facility. As a firearm owner/user you’re responsible for your own actions & the actions of any guest you bring to the facility. Failure to comply with the Act or any club rules may result in expulsion from the facility and/or termination of membership. Membership is a privilege, and prospective members must complete and submit the following application along with the annual fee to obtain theirs. Memberships are for the period of January 1st to December 31st of the Calendar year they are obtained. Prices are not pro-rated. You do not need a PAL to obtain an annual membership, however to shoot at the facility you must have one, or be directly supervised by a Non-Restricted PAL holder. Life memberships are attainable only through many years of contribution to the club, and must have Board Nomination and Approval.

Please Read the following Membership Rules & Guidelines within this document, which is a summary, but not limited to additional rules posted around the range, or verbalized, as well as directions by the Range Safety Officer. Fill in your personal information at the end, date and sign where space is provided. Memberships can be purchased at the club, or by mail in of this form along with payment to our corporate address. The club will verify all personal identification upon your first visit to the range prior to formal issuance of your membership. The EGC Corporate Address is: Edmonton Gun Club, Suite 359, 14032 - 23Ave, Edmonton Alberta, T6R-3L6


  • All activity on the range at the EGC is managed by the Range Safety Officer, Field Coordinator, and Score Keeper/Puller. Each of these individuals have the authority to enforce all rules herein or posted, and their opinion/determination will supersede any written rules.
  • Each of these individuals have the obligation to call upon local police authorities in the event of flagrant violations of the rules of the EGC.
  • The Range Safety Officer may not serve as a coach or supervisor of a non-licensed shooter whilst on duty.


  • All participants at the facility must have a valid Non-Restricted Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) to shoot at the facility on their own.
  • If the participant does not have a valid PAL, they must be accompanied and supervised directly by a holder of a valid PAL.
  • Junior participants under the age of 18 must be under the supervision of a parent, guardian, coach, or other valid PAL holder.
  • There shall be no unsupervised children (minors) under the age of 18, on or around the range at any time.
  • A valid PAL is required to rent a firearm, or to purchase ammunition at the club.


  • There is ZERO TOLERANCE for infractions involving body or mind-altering intoxicants at the EGC.
  • Entering the firing range or handling either a firearm or ammunition while you are under the influence of alcohol, cannabis, or any other impairing medication or intoxicant is strictly forbidden.
  • You may not consume cannabis prior to arriving at, or during your visit on the club’s premises. County of Leduc Bylaw 01-19 restricts the use of cannabis products on airport property and provides for punitive sanctions for those who do not comply.
  • Only Alcohol purchased in the clubhouse is allowed, and can only be consumed when shooting has concluded, and will not recommence.
  • Alcohol can only be consumed in the clubhouse or on the contiguous patio, or within your Camper/RV, NOT your personal vehicle.
  • Bringing outside alcohol to the range is strictly prohibited.


  • Adequate Eye Protection on the range is MANDATORY. Personal prescription glasses may be substituted temporarily, however if returning to shoot after your first visit, the participant must make arrangements to provide SAFETY rated eyewear (Z87) or higher.
  • Adequate Ear protection, such as muffs or ear plugs are MANDATORY and must be worn when on, or near the firing line.
  • Both Eye Wear, and Ear Protection is available from the club at the members’ expense.
  • The club does not have a formal dress code, however reserves the right to request the participant to change their attire for their safety.
  • Closed toed shoes, hats and sunscreen are recommended, as well as t-shirts at a minimum, tank tops are not recommended.


  • The EGC is SHOTGUN ONLY, sizes 12 gauge and smaller (20g, 28g, 410g). Pistols, Rifles, or any other firearms are strictly prohibited.
  • Tactical, Pistol Grip, or any other non-traditional style of shotguns are strictly prohibited.
  • Shotguns with a barrel length less than 26 inches are prohibited.
  • Shotguns modified from their original configuration may not be used at the EGC without the express permission of the Range Safety Officer.
  • Firearms are not permitted in the clubhouse.
  • Each participant must have their own dedicated shotgun. Sharing of one gun with two or more participants on the range is prohibited.
  • You must be familiar with the shotgun you are using and capable of its safe operation.
  • You must treat every firearm as if it is loaded.
  • Never point or direct the muzzle towards yourself, near or at an individual or anywhere people are gathered.
  • No one shall attempt to use or discharge a firearm they are not familiar with, or capable of operating safely. The Range Safety Officer may use their sole discretion whilst providing hands on instruction.
  • All firearms must be unloaded and open during transportation around the club, whether walking or riding, including between traps, and stations. Over/Under shotguns must be broke open, semi-autos and pumps must have their breech open.
  • Firearms may be placed in racks or gun cases with their action closed, however they must be unloaded with the safety engaged.
  • All firearms are to remain unloaded and open except when in your designated position on the firing line, and your turn to shoot is imminent.
  • Keep your fingers off the trigger until you are in position, securely mounted and ready to call your target for firing.
  • All firearms are to be pointed down (toward ground) throughout handling, and down range when on the firing line.
  • Only one shell may be loaded into the firearm at a time during “singles” or “handicap” events.
  • A maximum of two shells may be loaded at any one time, and only during a “doubles” event.
  • All firearms must be equipped so not to eject spent hulls in a manner that will disrupt other competitors on the firing line.


  • Ammunition shot size may only be #7-1/2, #8, #8-1/2, or #9 & must be lead.
  • Max speeds of 1290FPS for shot charge of 1-1/8ounce, Max speeds of 1325 FPS for shot charge of 1 ounce, Max speeds of 1350FPS for shot charge of 7/8 ounce or less.
  • Shell length is to be a maximum of 2-3/4”. We do not permit field or magnum loads, steel shot, or slugs in any gauge.
  • Factory Ammunition is preferred at all E.G.C. Events, however reload ammunition is acceptable providing it follows the above parameters.
  • Only Factory Ammunition is permitted at “ATA” Registered Events.
  • The E.G.C. reserves the right to monitor, test, or prohibit any factory or reloaded ammunition at any time during any event including A.T.A. shoots.
  • Spent hulls that fall on the ground during the course of an event become the property of the club. Do not pick up.


  • Participants will display their membership card or visitors pass at all times.
  • You will only enter the shooting range with the permission of the Range Safety Officer or Field Coordinator.
  • You will shoot your first round of trap on a squad with experienced shooters or in the alternative, under the supervision of an individual authorized by the Range Safety Officer
  • Only individuals shooting are allowed on the line unless they have permission of the Range Safety Officer prior to the start of the round. (Coaching)
  • Only authorized personnel are allowed ahead of the 16yard line of the range.
  • The designated Score Keeper/Puller are classified as Range Safety Officers during an event and will be in control of the squad at all times.
  • You will ensure your gun is unloaded and stand down whenever EGC personnel proceed ahead of the 16yard line, or when the cease fire flag and or safety pilon is displayed on the trap house.
  • You will not walk in front of other competitors when changing positions on the trap line.
  • You will respect other shooters by not talking or creating a distraction while they engage targets.
  • Erratic movement and exposure to adjacent traps should be kept to a minimum.


  • The EGC prides itself on being an inclusive, friendly, and safe place to enjoy our sport, our community, and the comradery of all guests.
  • Participants and guests will conduct themselves with decorum and civility at all times while on the property, as well as during conveyance to and from the club along our access roads and public highway.
  • We have ZERO TOLERANCE for violence, harassment, foul language or bullying. Conduct of this nature or any behaviour that may disrupt the harmony of the facility and its other guests may, and likely will result in the temporary suspension of your shooting privileges and the immediate removal of you and your guests from our premises and the possibility that your membership will be revoked. We may also revoke the membership of a member who brings a guest who engages in this behavior.
  • All guests must adhere to the posted speed limit of 20km/h while on the property, and obey all signage in the parking lot and in the camping area.
  • Pets are allowed on the property, but must be leashed at all times and properly managed.
  • Pets are not allowed in the clubhouse, or near the shooting range or firing line.
  • You must pick up after your pet and dispose of waste in the garbage barrels provided.
  • For the protection of our staff, volunteers, and guests, adherence to all other posted Health and Safety guidance is required.
  • There shall be no ammunition sales, vendors or other proprietors on the club property without express permission form the E.G.C.
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